Hemp Consulting

Hemp farming success begins with a plan

HempLogic takes great pride in the industrial hemp consulting side of our business and are considered some of the foremost experts in the industry. In order to make a successful entry into the hemp cultivation industry, it takes a partner that understands the entire process from seed to sale. We support you with contacts throughout the hemp industry in the U.S. and abroad. Our expertise starts with seed, seedling or clone selections tailored to your farm. Once we have helped you select the right plant, we can assist with automation, agronomy, nutrients, irrigation, and farm equipment recommendations and sourcing. Once these processes are in-place, we offer guidance to help grow your hemp in the most efficient way possible to maximize yields.


We support you every step of the way by teaching you to ask the right questions as you formulate your long term business model such as:

  1. What type of hemp crop is best for my business goals? (CBD, Fiber, Food)
  2. What are the established best practices for year-over-year success?
  3. How do I assure my crop meets State/Federal regulations?
  4. Where do I sell my material and what pitfalls do I need to be aware of?
  5. What are the dos/donts of farming, harvest, and brokerage contracts?

As a member of Hemp Advisors, you will have access to:

  1. One-on-one phone advisory session - Receive project plan
  2. Access to our vast network of Industry professional experts and sales outlets
  3. Access to our library of genetics


Hemp Advisors

Hemp Advisors is a division of HempLogic designed to cater to the industrial clients that need farm visits, project planning, financing, and equipment planning. Our Advisory program is designed to integrate our knowledge and support with your team to help give a solid foundation and guide from seed to final sale. Our fees vary depending on location, scope of work and client experience.

In addition to our standard agriculture consulting, we also offer consulting for processing, can help you sell biomass and wholesale isolate, and can assist with plant and biomass testing. Our consulting does not end after you have harvested your first crop though. We offer ongoing support for farms and are there whenever our clients need us. This dedication to our farmers has helped us to become the largest industrial hemp consultancy in the U.S. We have helped hundreds of farms achieve their goals of growing sustainable hemp crops.

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We understand hemp cultivation better than anyone in the industry.

If you have a question about your hemp farm operation, book a consultation with one of our hemp agriculture experts.