Hemp Biomass Program


Hemp Biomass Program

Hemp farmers need to know that they have a Hemp product contract in place before they plant Hemp Seeds to produce a crop. HempLogic has Industrial Hemp Biomass contracts for Hemp products all over the United States allowing Hemp Farmers to have peace of mind when it comes to planting Industrial Hemp. ​Please choose a product that you are interested in growing or selling and send us an inquiry. If you are a Hemp processor or Hemp wholesaler we are always looking for new contracts for our clients.


Hemp Biomass Criteria

HempLogic has developed a program to facilitate the sale of your 2019 CBD Biomass. The program comprises the following criteria:

  1. Complete testing program monitoring the CBD/THC levels during the grow cycle.
  2. Appropriate harvest and drying plans designed specific to your operation.
  3. Location of the crop: We are focused on farms west of the Rockies.
  4. Completion of HempLogic progress report.

Biomass Terms & Conditions

HempLogic will bring your Biomass to market. However, we must know exactly what the Biomass contains in order for us to negotiate the best possible price. We establish a strong, working partnership throughout the growth cycle to achieve the highest value from your biomass.

We troubleshoot your grow, testing soil, water and plant levels. Our testing programs will flag the CBD/THC levels so you can accurately plan your harvest, avoiding the “HOT” zone and maximizing CBD level.

Once Hemplogic is confident with your harvesting and drying plan, we will schedule a visit your location to:

  1. Test your dried and bagged material (at our cost)
  2. Verify weight
  3. Issue a check on the spot

No lengthy contracts. No loopholes. Peace of mind for all involved. The relationship we establish together during your grow cycle will provide HempLogic with confidence in your final product and most importantly, our farming partners trust in HempLogic to provide fair and honest results.


We understand hemp cultivation better than anyone in the industry.

If you are looking to sell your industrial hemp biomass, book a consultation with one of our hemp agriculture experts by filling out the form below.