HempLogic Harvest Rescue


HempLogic Harvest Rescue

You worked so hard to grow your hemp. Why throw it all away when it comes time to harvest?

HempLogic has responded to the current crisis amongst hemp growers with a harvest rescue plan to help our fellow growers. We are 1000% committed to helping small hemp farmers get the highest quality CBD percentage, and profit, out of their crop.

Improper equipment, handling mistakes and lack of foresight can greatly degrade your CBD quality through the harvest process. This results in thousands of dollars of revenue lost in the field. Yet most hemp farmers are not properly prepared for the immense quantity of biomass hemp produces or have the ability or equipment to provide the gentle handling CBD hemp requires.


Our Hemp Rescue Services

HempLogic has a trained and vetted hemp crew, hemp-specific harvest equipment and, most importantly – the industry knowledge - to bring your hemp biomass out of the field while preserving the integrity of your CBD. We evaluate each situation, come up with the plan and provide the services you need to bring your hemp crop out of the field in the most profitable way possible. 

  1. Weeding
  2. Rogueing males from females
  3. Nutrient analysis and implementation
  4. THC and CBD level testing
  5. Harvest
  6. Field Drying
  7. Hand Shucking
  8. Bagging
  9. Final Weighing
  10. Transportation Services

Contact us TODAY to see if you qualify in our service area. HempLogic is here to help in your hemp success.

At HempLogic we believe in hemp. What’s your hemp dream?