Hemp Genetics

Industrial hemp contains the smallest levels of THC found in the Cannabis sativa plant, generally less than 0.3%, but it also contains some of the highest levels of CBD. If you are a farmer looking to plant hemp seeds, you should be confident that the seeds going into your soil are certified and vetted for quality. In simple terms, the genetics of the CBD seeds and/or clones should be known well in advance to planting. At HempLogic, we provide certified hemp seeds and genetics for grain and fiber, as well as high CBD seed.



Most hemp farms choose to start their cultivations from seeds. This is the easiest way to help guarantee the best outcome, especially for new growers. When it comes to acquiring the certified seeds for your farming initiatives, we are here to help. We have created strong relationships with seed banks across the globe that offer tried and tested hemp seeds. Depending on the state you are operating in, we will help ensure that your CBD seeds comply with all State and Federal laws and are tested and verified.

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Some farms choose to start their cultivations from seedlings as opposed to seeds. We have developed automation techniques that allow us to produce a massive supply of seedlings. This year alone, we have cultivated and planted over 6 million seedlings and that number continues to increase. Because we grow from certified hemp seed, you can rest assured that our seedlings are tested, and of the highest quality.


For any new hemp farm, it is essential to know that growing hemp from clones can present some challenges. The clone is the exact reflection of its parent plant and if it has any issues, it will likely be carried along in the genetics of the clone. One of the biggest obstacles a new farm can run into is where to find the best clones for your grow. We address this issue by sourcing and vetting clones that are derived from healthy parent plants. We can help you find the right CBD hemp clones that are certified and properly tested for quality and consistency.

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We have contacts around the globe for seeds, seedlings and clones and can help you find the best products for your hemp farms needs.

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