Hemp Banking

HempLogic is pleased to refer banking services for the U.S. hemp industry to our trusted financial partner, Bank of the West. Many new hemp businesses have been plagued by uncertainty with their financial services because of the association between the federally legal hemp crop and the marijuana industry. This has left many legal hemp businesses scrambling for basic financial services. Bank of the West is the 2nd largest agricultural lender in the U.S. With a focus specifically on investing in world-changing industries, including climate change, energy solutions and social change, Bank of the West is a perfect fit for hemp. Bank of the West offers more than 600 branches in 22 states in the mid-west and west coast. They offer a full gamut of services from traditional checking and business accounts, to small and medium-size business financing.


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If you have a question about banking for your hemp farm operation, get in touch with us using the form below.