Our Ethos

HempLogic™ is committed to the hemp industry for the long term.

Whether you are a hemp farmer, an industrial hemp partner or an end-user of hemp-CBD or other hemp-derived products, we are here to help with honest advice and the latest solutions.

We don’t succeed unless you do.

Overcoming challenges, offering opportunities, in industrial hemp

The U.S. hemp industry is brand new, with untapped potential. But with that comes the challenge of creating this exciting industry from the bottom up.

Founded in 2015 by a visionary entrepreneur and one of the first to legally grow U.S.-grown hemp, HempLogic solves for our customers what is one of the most problematic issues in the hemp industry – a lack of experience. That’s why we are laser-focused on the cutting edge of the latest innovations in hemp. When we aren’t actively offering up the solutions and opportunities ourselves, we are teaming up with industry partners we trust who can.

A commitment to common-sense, honest advice for our industrial hemp partners

As farmers first, we aren’t here to sell you a bill of goods. We don’t have time for that any more than you do. We know our clients and partners need no-nonsense, common-sense advice. From seed to harvest to product, we bring to the table our experience, solutions and commitment to help. We provide certified seed, hemp farming consulting, legal, financial and risk management services, harvest and bio-mass drying solutions, brokering and end-user product development and sales.

If we don’t have the answer or product you need, we’ll find it. Or create it.

Join HempLogic in creating the hemp industry! In the history of great changes or new, revolutionary innovations, there are the followers and the leaders. HempLogic isn’t here to simply help you navigate the hemp industry, we are here to help create it with you.