About our company

At HempLogic, we have a different approach to helping farms. Our team is not only eager to help established hemp farms that need support in growing hemp in a better fashion, but also those who wish to make a start in the industry. With industrial hemp seed contracts all over the globe, we have provided hundreds of farms with our services and expertise, implemented with the highest ethical standards.

Meet Our Team

Cory Sharp


A life-long farmer and Marine Corp veteran with a master’s in supply chain management, Cory was one of the first to grow legal hemp in the US, harvesting the first legal crop grown in Washington state in 80 years in 2017.

Cory brings a keen entrepreneurial spirit, his own experience growing, processing and selling the crop, and a no-nonsense approach to the industry. He is positioning HempLogic not only for the current year’s crop but future opportunities in the industry.

Cory lives with his family on the east side of Washington state. When he isn’t talking to somebody about hemp, you can find him running a tractor, organizing a crew or inspecting his own hemp fields.

Hamilton Nelson

Director of Operations

Hamilton Nelson, HempLogic’s™ Director of Operations, is developing methods to grow hemp using proven biological practices scaled up for large-acreage farming operations. And teaching HempLogic’s customer’s how to do it too.

Nelson, who has an extensive background in cannabis growing, believes that success for hemp farmers will depend on strategic planning and focused execution. Techniques that create symbiosis between plant and soil biological interaction have a profound effect in hemp growing, increasing biomass, cannabinoid and terpene production.

Nelson is overseeing HempLogic’s season from cultivation to harvest. He is excited about the future of the company and the direction of the industry.

Nelson currently resides in Medford, Oregon with his family. His hobbies include gardening, fishing and BBQing.

Adam Malecha

Retail/Wholesale Sales Manager

Adam Malecha, HempLogic™ general and seed sales, guides our customers through all things ‘hemp.’

As the country’s largest vertically integrated hemp company, HempLogic’s consulting team offers a wide range for support to our hemp farmers and hemp industry partners. We provide certified hemp seed sales, hemp farming education, contract, business consulting, testing services, biomass brokering, drying and harvesting help and consulting advice on every aspect of the hemp world.

Malecha has taken on the critical role of acting as the ‘hub’ to all the diverse needs of our customers. Answering questions and guiding HempLogic customers on the whole gamut of hemp industry needs.

In addition, Malecha will be responsible to help roll out our highly anticipated new hemp seed line and start getting trusted, quality hemp genetics into the hands of hemp farmers.

Malecha, who has a diverse ‘jack of all trades’ background as a mechanic and salesman, brings years of knowledge in the cannabis industry and a keen enthusiasm for all the opportunities hemp is providing for farmers and hemp industry partners and entrepreneurs since the fall 2018 legalization.

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What our Farmers Say

  • We wanted to thank you for the great services you offer at HempLogic. You have been a great resource for our growing success. Everything from your seeds to your consulting has been a tremendous help.
    Central Cal Hemp Research & Development Inc.
  • Joe Gustafson
    Thank you for helping us make the decision on purchasing our genetics for this season. We appreciate you taking the time and explaining how to read the test results. We took your advice and started in the greenhouse we started to see signs of life in less than 36 hours. Thanks again.
    Joe Gustafson
    Gustafson Textiles Farms
  • James Harris
    Thank you HempLogic. Your leadership and commitment to this has been key to making grade A seedlings.
    James Harris